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Attorney Services of El Dorado County is a legal services company, providing services such as process serving, court filings, court research, as well as legal document preparation and local courier services. Attorney Services of El Dorado County provides services to the entire Lake Tahoe basin, Sacramento, and Northwestern Nevada.

Since 1997, Attorney Services of El Dorado County has been providing legal service assistance for over two decades. In December of 2007, our company expanded as we took on new coverage area and grew in clients and expertise. Our dedication, quality, and efficiency make us the go-to legal services company in the Lake Tahoe basin and surrounding areas. We provide California and Nevada with superior process service and legal support services so that the legal system can proceed without delay

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Process Service:

Serving legal documents and papers to individuals in order to inform them of relevant court proceedings

Our company guarantees service with valid address & information. Preparation of Proof of Service and Filing of Proof of Service included. Fax & mailing of conformed copies to the client included. If Proof of Service requires notarization there will be a $10.00 additional charge. One Accurint search is also included. Additional searches are $1.50 per search. Call for information on any county not listed. Rush service available for all areas. Remote areas of all counties served (additional fee and mileage charges will apply).

Court Filings:

Make sure that your papers are filed in the court system on time to ensure that your case is not delayed!

Initial fee covers the first 30 pages of a fax filing. There will be an additional $0.30 charge per page after 30 pages. Fee includes faxing of confirmed face sheet to client and mailing of original to the client. Rush service available for all areas.

Courier Service:

In a rush? Need to get documents all the way across town, or to the Court, and have no time to get it done? Attorney Services of El Dorado County provides local courier service. Take advantage of our couriers, and get more done! Call or e-mail our office for a pickup schedule.

Rates are as follows:

  • 3 times per week - $250.00/month
  • 2 times per week - $200.00/month
  • Once a week - $150.00/month

Document Preparation:

Nevada and California legal document preparation incluing divorces, living trusts, complete eviction process, custody, and most other documents. We are dedicated to ensuring that your documents are professional and accurate.

Court Research:

Attorney Services of El Dorado County can do your court research for you. Locate case names, case numbers, Plaintiffs or Defendants, last filings, or copies of entire court case files. Call or e-mail our office for rates and turnaround times for your particular circumstances.

Affordable Attorney Assistance:

Our professionals are ready to assist with your legal cases and help ease the burden of your caseload. We are trained and reliable in legal practices, giving attorneys the support that they require.

Californian Legal Support Services

Why hire Attorney Services of El Dorado County? We are dedicated and reliable agents who knew California laws, rules, and regulations when it comes to process service and legal support services. We take the time to research and deliver superior results so that your case can continue without error.

We want our clients to succeed in their legal matters, so we make sure that papers are served on time, documents filed correctly, and your court researching needs are met. Our excellent customer service and honest staff work relentlessly to make sure that your legal support needs are handled in a stress-free and efficient manner. Don't just hire anyone to handle your legal matters, Attorney Services of El Dorado County is the best choice for you!

Process Serving

With over a decade of experience, and a service area that covers the Tahoe Basin, Northern Nevada, and Sacramento, Attorney Services of El Dorado County assists your firm by offering superior service, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a commitment to quality.

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